Expert System for yachting industry

Expert Systems can be defined as computer programs, whose main task is to simulate a human expert, usually in a narrow field of expertise. Expert Systems are used in business, science, engineering, manufacturing and other engineering applications such as planning, scheduling, diagnosing equipment failures and are used in almost every stage of the manufacturing process and also in medicine and many other fields.

Expert Systems belong to the field of artificial intelligence. An intelligent computer program that uses knowledge and inference procedures to solve problems that are difficult enough to require significant human expertise for the solution.

The purpose of this paper is to present an Expert System which supporting the design and selection of mechanical equipment for recreational yachts and includes knowledge in the field of yachting engineering. And also purpose of this article and accompanying video presentation is to present a practical application of an Expert System which is dedicated to yachting industry.

The presented Expert System, which is used for supporting the design and selection of mechanical equipment for recreational crafts is the first in Poland and probably in the world's Expert System in the field of yachting engineering.

In yacht building, the time required for the production of an individual boat is often less important than a focus on extremely high quality, providing exceptional comfort and luxury to the owner and his or her guests with state of the art furnishings and equipment. This equipment will include electronic and hydraulic systems providing the ability to control and maneuver the vessel in adverse conditions with a little or no stress and with a very small crew.

Very often the reputation of the boat building company is the determining factor in setting the boat's final price and producing the order to proceed with design completion and construction.

A common practice of boat manufacturers is to select individual items of equipment from recommendations in catalogs, which may well be weighted to specify all items to be "safe" in terms of strength and power output, but which may also be unnecessarily heavy and expensive. This has the potential for increasing the final cost of the vessel, and in some cases such as diesel engines for bringing about premature failure as a result of excessive low power and low temperature operation.

Conversely, selecting under-sized or under-powered components will lead to frequent breakdowns, early replacements, and in extreme situations, may endanger the lives and safety of the people on the vessel.

Yacht manufacturing costs are also greatly affected by excessive expenditures for labor to install over- sized equipment, well intended to ensure the safety of the yacht and ensure the comfort of its use. A fully developed Expert System will optimally choose, customize and calculate the required materials and equipment for safety, comfort and cost control. In other words, the information provided by such an Expert System will significantly affect all costs, causing the final price of the to be much lower while maintaining the desired comfort and capabilities required in the completed yacht. In addition, the use of this Expert System will mean that production will be smooth and efficient.

What is the unique in the presented expert system? It is designed in such a way that it can be easily expanded by the input of new information and knowledge. For example, as new technology develops, the system engineer or programmer can update or extend the data base and programming of the expert system. Through this, the presented system may become the main work tool in design offices and production facilities yachts, because it's easy to extend and adapt to the individual needs of the employer.

Through this, employees who have significant work experience can input of knowledge to Expert System and other colleagues with less experience will be able to use it from the Expert System. There will be no wasted time for the transmission of messages or training each employee individually.

The presented Expert System displays a knowledge of a following subjects:

Calculation of the theoretical maximum speed of displacement boat

Engine and around the engine:

  • the engine power calculator for displacement boats
  • the engine power calculator for planning boats
  • calculator for selection of a water lock
  • cooling system
  • fuel system
  • wet exhaust system
  • engine assembly – movie

Stern gear systems:

  • selection of the diameter of the drive shaft
  • selection of the numbers of bearings supporting the drive shaft
  • selection of the type of coupling
  • construction of the drive line


Fresh water system

Waste water system

Power hydraulic steering system:

  • single steering position
  • dual steering position
  • dual steering position + autopilot
  • calculation of the force acting on the rudder with balance section
  • calculation of the force acting on the rudder without balance section

Maneuvering system:

  • selection of thrusters
  • assembly thruster in a yacht - movie

Anchoring systems:

  • selection of the weight of the anchoR
  • selection of a windlass

Fig. 1. Schematic diagram of the presented Expert System


Presented Expert System has been made as a doctoral work at the Warsaw Technical University.

The assessment of the presented Expert System in terms of its construction, usefulness, accuracy has been by an independent group of experts and specialist, who work every day in marine industry in manufacturing in pre-production, and as designers of yachts.

Presented Expert System received very high opinion from all the people who tested the software. Responses obtained from the Expert System were checked and compared with the professional literature by the people who tested the program.

The system was found to be a highly useful program due to its following characteristics:
  • easy to find information
  • interface transparency
  • speed of responses
  • the program includes extensive knowledge.

The tested Expert System has helped to shorten the pre-production phase of the manufacturing process and resulted in a dramatic reduction in final vessel costs by optimizing the selected equipment package. It has made a unique contribution to manufacturing efficiency.


The presented Expert System is a comprehensive guide to engineering and manufacturing yachts applications. Emphasizing the basic concepts and procedures, it focuses not only on the technology but also on how to select, initiate, implement and manage of technology.This Expert System presents guidelines ranging from problem selection, data analysis, validation, integration, implementation and maintenance and also is easier to search for the information in an Expert System than in traditional written book and, as a consequence, a people who will use the presented Expert System can work more efficiently.

Tomasz Gonciarz is the author of presented Expert System. All rights associated with this Expert System and the information contained on the website are reserved and belong to the author.